[Rant] Michigan Tech's new policy on hate (13)

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I want to vent about this somewhere and I couldn't find a place to vent my frustration anonymously, so I think channel4 is a good place for it. Here's an email I got recently, about an hour ago:

>Dear Students,
>On December 9, the University Senate, a representative body for faculty and staff, passed resolution number 41-21 Embodying University Values: Condemning Hate Speech, White Supremacy, and Ethnically and Racially Motivated Intolerance. Last Friday, January 22, a University Senate constituent who is a tenured faculty member submitted a letter to the Senate in response. By now, I know many of you are aware of this letter and feel hurt, concerned, and disappointed.
>To all students: I want to boldly emphasize to you that Michigan Tech condemns discrimination and racism in all their ugly forms, including ableism, homophobia, sexism, anti-Semitism, white supremacy, and xenophobia. I delivered this message at the Board of Trustees public forum in December, and I will continue to share and amplify it because I firmly believe it. We can only be a great institution with a truly welcoming and inclusive campus.
>Over the past few days, many of you have reached out to me and other faculty and staff members expressing your concerns. As president of Michigan Tech, I apologize to those of you who have been hurt and I want you to know that it’s important to me that you feel safe, valued, and heard here at Michigan Tech.

...and it goes on a bit more, but that's the general gist of it. The resolution is publicly available information: https://www.mtu.edu/senate/policies-procedures/proposals-year/2020-21/ and the one he is discussing is Resolution 41-21, the latest PDF.

Reading this makes me absolutely hate universities. I wish I could get my graduate degree and leave. I wish being not racist, AKA normal, was not bundled together with the absolute idiocy as this resolution. The resolution seems to dictate that racism, which could be prevalent, is tied together with: transphobia, ableism, fatphobia. It feels so childish and poorly put together.

A much better argument with actual evidence and actual thought could easily be made and I would love to push their efforts, yet a resolution like this is the petty squabblings of a child who feels bad for someone else. Because of this, I'm being forced to hate the people even more, since their arguments are just so worthless.

P.S. if this topic should be in debate, move it over, that's fine. I feel like ranting is different than debating.

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