ITT you have worn armor, a rusty dagger, and amnesia (457)

359 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-7772 15:13

Hurrying back to the dragon ship, you push off into the water and leap up onto the deck, the alligator's jaws snapping behind you.

The ship slowly begins to move, the alligator in pursuit, though it does not manage to board the deck, instead knocking against the sides of the ship and bellowing its rage at the magnificent dragon ship's betrayal of its amorous advances. Eventually it swims away, leaving you alone, but escaping the flames on land as well.

Forest fire continues to burn on the shore as your ship returns to sea. Colorful birds and chattering monkeys flee the flames as their habitat is destroyed. Billows of smoke rise into the clear sky.

You decide to relax a bit while you gloat over the destruction of a vibrant ecosystem, and sing a rather terrible a capella rendition of Alestorm's "Set Sail and Conquer", lifting your spirits.

Hideous vulture lands on the dragon ship's mast to listen.

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