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289 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-6393 00:31

Months ago I had a strange, and oddly detailed dream that I was watching a TV commercial for a new kind of crock pot. The people on TV put a chicken in it, and the camera zoomed in and showed that the crock pot had a big switch in the rear, labeled SLOW and FAST. Someone in the kitchen said, "What does that switch do?" and reached for it. And someone in a white laboratory coat ran out and said "Don't touch that, it's experimental!" And the person changed the switch to "FAST" anyway. This caused the crock pot to make an engine revving sound, and then do a wheelie across the table with its tires squealing, then roll out the front door like a little miniature race car with the chicken still stuck in the top, VROOM VROOM. Cut to outside scene, all the people are chasing the crock pot down the street Benny Hill fashion but they can't catch it.

I told someone I know about the dream, and she put "hot rod" stickers on the crock pot she had just bought.

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