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Are clothes too revealing these days? (65)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-09 00:13 ID:wtNAO5Kf

It seems to me these days that skirts are so short, shirts so low, thongs are popping out everywhere. Not just in the young girls too, it's everybody! I couldn't believe some of the underwear I found in my daughter's drawers, and the clothing in her closet. And when she goes to school I often think, "Is she allowed to wear that!?". Am I just an old fogey who doesn't know about fashion, or is this really in bad taste?

Stylize me, /fashion/.

56 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2009-09-22 02:35 ID:TLbbjqUX

57 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2009-11-17 10:28 ID:fwM7/yFb

all girls are sluts or want to be

no one gives a shit about how nice your personality is just how big your tits are

58 Name: !!u33oCP+L : 2010-02-18 21:56 ID:YN2WVnYK

Global warming has an effect on this as well.

59 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2010-02-22 01:25 ID:aZCP70yp


agreed, girls at my school say they dress the way they do because it's what they find at the stores now a days.

I was picking up my cousin at his elementary school and i saw a girl wearing fish net stockings and a mini skirt. everyone took it as normal

60 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2010-06-22 04:57 ID:4gwy4Odp

This is why I'm starting to do some fashion design. Sadly, I'm only good with designing male/unisex clothing... I'll get there one day. Maybe I might leave a positive imprint on modern female fashion, maybe I'll be completely ignored. Only one way to find out.

61 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2011-05-03 05:24 ID:cYx+5dLQ

The problem is girls are wearing clothes that are too small and guys are wearing clothes that are too big

62 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2020-08-06 16:18 ID:fzmuMgvz

Instead of scanty clothing, accentuate your junk with a fabulous codpiece.

63 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2020-10-14 17:00 ID:7FXtne/V

To add to this: Masturbation and perversion don't stop at men. Of course not all people are like this. There's a religious/moral uprising on the internet. Nofap on reddit is set to reach 1 million.

64 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2020-10-21 02:32 ID:ex6+yaPk

                                                   ====== ___======
                                          ___三三三 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄===== ̄ ̄ ̄
                          ,, -―-、         _====_==== ̄ ̄== ̄ ̄     ̄ ̄ ̄
                        /     ヽ  _─==三≡≡ ̄==
                  / ̄ ̄/  /i⌒ヽ、| _== ̄ ̄
                 /  ◎/   / /     ̄
                /     ト、.,../ ,ー-、
               =彳      \\‘ ̄^
           /⌒ヽゝ         ...\\ \
         l             ./⌒ ヽ ヽ_>i  ̄──_ _
         | ,Y         ./     `ー-'  ̄==二= ̄=====三 _
          .|  |        / |             ̄ ̄===== ̄_ ̄ ̄ ̄==三三三   ___

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65 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2020-12-22 03:55 ID:9TIa3CjS

what did he mean by this?

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Hawt Coture (3)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2020-09-10 09:48 ID:lx6kbJ7l

I could love you if youre cute. what are you wearing?

2 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2020-09-10 18:36 ID:M5SOXkeS


3 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2020-12-21 23:13 ID:M5SOXkeS

My fabulous codpiece.

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DOn't smoke cigarettes, they arn't cool (30)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-07-27 12:42 ID:LbuhXUVr

smoke roll-ups instead
you'll look better
and its cheaper
preferably with the orange rizla
because they taste nicer, and look cooler

21 Post deleted.

22 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2017-04-29 11:22 ID:j1Jb85fj

hey the niggers are on to something crack is great

23 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2017-09-23 21:38 ID:ngRdTsrg

are e-cigs cool?

24 Name: Anonymous Djingoist : 2019-01-15 22:01 ID:XSdc2yK8

Try MK-801 and/or Tiletamine. In other words head to your local grocery store and grab the reddest can you can find [see: ReddiWhip] and you'll meet Allah Ackbar.

25 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2019-03-09 09:24 ID:8BXR0YIh

i thought most humans switched to vaping

26 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2019-03-17 01:00 ID:FZvlWa7D

vaping is basically the opposite of cool.

27 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2020-06-19 19:46 ID:MBwHxGHy

rape & vape

28 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2020-07-31 03:50 ID:Heaven

dude weed hahaahahhahahahahaxcvxzzxcvzxccvxhnvncvncnccvvccvnncvncvncvncvnsage

29 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2020-12-20 13:44 ID:W2wugqpU

I tried smoking a fruit roll-up once, don't recommend it.

30 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2020-12-21 23:12 ID:QncxFJ7V

Fabulous codpieces are to be worn, not smoked.

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Translucent plastic frames for eyeglasses (2)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2020-10-31 02:57 ID:kQeGQGgr

Are translucent plastic frames out? I got some blueish green ones and everyone is commenting on them, but I don't know if it's because I'm a stupid asshole or what.

please advise.

2 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2020-11-03 05:50 ID:hmac6fyz

You should get a fabulous codpiece.

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acne (11)

1 Name: snapshit : 2008-06-04 04:52 ID:LiWwZl6b

I have zits on my chin. :'(

2 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-06-04 23:34 ID:ylswJq/3

yeah well at least you don't have them on your back, chest and all over your face. It sucks but I can generally keep them off by eating healthy ie vitamins and stuff and by using a weak skin cleanser and benzoyl peroxide twice a day. usually I'm just too lazy and don't care though. I've tried plenty of stuff from dermatologist perscriptions to over the counter treatments and the way I found works best so far usually gets rid of them in two or three days.

3 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-06-07 15:27 ID:YpKQOXAB

Stop resting your head on your hands.

4 Name: lulz : 2008-06-16 15:28 ID:25cYfOkA

dont touch your face to your fands.

dont pop them. they will spread.

wash your face with benzoyle peroxide regularly.

go to a doctor and get perscriptions.

...if all else fails, grow a beard/gotee.

5 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-12-04 11:50 ID:p1hrj4/a

dont touch your face, dont pop them, buy a face wash (neutrogena's basic acne cleanser or the cheap knockoff brand works wonders) and an acne cream with benzoyl peroxide 10%. wash your whole face 2x a day when you wake up and before bed, and always apply the cream before bed. if your skin gets dry, get a non-pore clogging moisturizer and use it every day when you wake up after washing face. should clear up in around 2 weeks, and scars will be gone w/in a month

6 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-12-05 09:34 ID:LJ2J/eIz

wrong thread sherlock, this should go in personal issues.

7 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2009-07-24 05:16 ID:Psf5UPBz

skinoren.. a visit to skin doctor and proper treatment kills the acne.. well at least it took me a while, but i've beated it!

8 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2009-08-23 02:35 ID:eSs37GK+

hey how about proactiv?

9 Post deleted.

10 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2019-02-22 23:05 ID:Heaven

I have popped every single pimple I have ever gotten and I have never had it "spread". What the fuck? Is that some wives tale to get kids to stop picking their faces? I mean yeah it's probably not healthy, but spreading?

Also it was the deleted post that necroed the thread, not me.

11 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2020-07-16 09:50 ID:2hge0x+/

acne is heinously anus

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Favorite Brands (29)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-06-11 04:17 ID:tr4i38MF

Simple thread. What are your favorite brands.

Denim - Levi's
Sneakers - Vans, Lakai, and I also love the Japanese brand Visvim, but I can't afford it.
Everything else I buy is according to style not brand, and I couldn't care less about the name on the tag if it fits my style.

20 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2009-05-18 08:30 ID:1x0/zdMc


Gothic lolita aficionado detected

Denim: Levis, some of the in-house jeans that they sell at PacSun has actually held up for me for a good while surprisingly
Shoes: Chuck Taylors
Shirts: None in particular, but this "Carbon" shirt that I got from Rue21 that i'm wearing right now is pretty comfortable albeit a bit fragile

I also really like Kangol flat caps and am looking into a nice pair of Nikes to match them

21 Name: Shinketsu : 2009-07-31 16:27 ID:SNfgY7G2

I usually wear:

Denim: Guess, Express Men, Buffalo, INC
Shoes: Aldo, Skechers, Diesel
Shirts: Guess, American Rag, Vintage Red, INC

It all really depends on how I feel, and where I'm going at the time as well.

22 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2009-08-30 01:19 ID:5mrDk6gU

Denim: Levis, Ross had a good pair of carpenter shorts but the butt pockets started to rip at the seams.
Shoes: Whatever fits. I have wide feet so it can be hard to find shoes that fit me. Typically Nike and New Balance have sizes that fit me.
Shirts: Tommy Hillfiger and Nautica

23 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2010-02-14 12:44 ID:CQBPAWom

Jeans - Carhartt (half the price of levi's, equal quality, easier to take the logo off than Levi's) Do have a pair of black levi's though.
Shirts - American Apparel plain color shirts. Expensive but comfortable and high quality. No logos or brand name in sight.
Outerwear - I have a carhartt jacket that's fleece lined for when it's really cold. Looks almost the same as the day I bought it 4 years ago. Also have a military bomber jacket for every day use. Got the idea from the Gibson novel Pattern Recognition.
Shoes - Either my hiking boots if I'm doing outdoor activity or it's snowing or a pair of black keds. I'm not sold on the keds, they're my first pair. They aren't super comfortable, but they're very comfortable and I get more compliments than with other shoes.

I try to keep it as simple as possible, I like what I wear.

24 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2016-05-03 23:16 ID:Uoxo3tUm

AA can be pretty cheap on ebay. I think people just buy wholesale and resell brand new stock. You can search for multipacks and stuff too.

25 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2016-05-03 23:19 ID:Uoxo3tUm

Some of my favorite brands for simple, well made, unbranded clothes are Muji ($) and Save Khaki United ($$). Save Khaki especially fits me perfectly, but I doubt I'll find more secondhand.

26 Post deleted.

27 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2019-06-18 02:55 ID:jSNWeSnn

Denim: DU/ER

Shoes: Nisolo (work), Onitsuka Tiger (casual)

Shirts: Band shirts

Jackets: various milsurp

28 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2019-08-19 08:02 ID:bswI4ppo

I wear dicksucker brand jeans

29 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2020-06-14 08:07 ID:4RyH2+zB


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Wearing Girls' Pants (5)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2018-04-30 01:44 ID:AxUFAE2q

I bought a pair of those tight pants girls like to wear, after seeing how all the girls wear them like a uniform and wondering why they are so popular. I'll be fucked if they are not lots more comfortable than fucking jeans, but I will have to just wear them at home or else look like a total degenerate in public.

This has been your daily observation on fashion oddities.

2 Post deleted.

3 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2018-05-15 14:55 ID:fj7IytRP

LOL. Are you a male or a female?

4 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2018-05-17 14:37 ID:auWlgoBa

You'll be fine as long as you aren't fat. If you are fat, I wouldn't wear skinny pants in public. Lots of skinny guys wear leggings and such.

5 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2019-04-07 18:14 ID:A2jJe6TK

I need to get up the nerve to wear tight pants in public. Saw a guy in leggings/running tights at a mall and it seemed so rare. Jeans suck with the lack of give by comparison.

Agree on weight - saw a fat girl in those yoga pants with the see-through panel on the legs and my eyes burned.

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Fabulous Japanese Men's Underwear Models (4)

1 Name: Bundabun : 2011-03-03 06:07 ID:3J0RGZ0s

Yes or no? Discuss.

3 Post deleted.

4 Post deleted.

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Why does mens clothes suck? (18)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-07 02:10 ID:O41izTIO

I go to the mall to shop with my girlfriends and they have so many styles and colors to choose from. Forever 21 is one example, there are such a large variety and everything seems stylish.

But then you go to a Men's store and everything is so borrring, the style is never new, just the same old generic shapes. You go to a store like banana and sure it's really nice, but you would never wear the clothes in a casual setting.

I like to wear semi-fitting clothing, boot cut jeans and such. Anything that is falling off just doesn't work for me. I'm very skinny, so it's hard enough to find a small enough size..

you'd think by now people would realize that they're are dresing like they're still in the 90's.

9 Post deleted.

10 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-08 22:03 ID:NSVgI6i8

yea, I do agree with the Hot Topic comment, as long as you don't wear everything Hot Topic it works.

11 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-05-01 08:40 ID:/LgN7CSn


Cosplay advocate, huh?

12 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-05-01 14:35 ID:YEoLAJ16

Hasn't anyone else picked up that OP sounds like a gay?

13 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-05-01 15:16 ID:Wz5z8iTD


so what?

14 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-05-01 17:55 ID:p6tmjeYq

why does OP's grammar sucks?

15 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-05-01 21:28 ID:EKvN4392


16 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-05-02 13:57 ID:WqC5hBMy

I think 14 was making fun of the OP's grammar.

17 Post deleted.

18 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2017-09-23 21:39 ID:91Hr1Cbv

bring back the codpiece
vc: vain

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Afro Maintenance (10)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-12-04 23:11 ID:EUHKjMU/

My problem is that I live in Alaska which has very hard water. Every time I wash my hair (using shampoo and conditioner) it just makes my hair more dried out. I have a huge problem with dandruff also. Now, I just have totally stopped washing my hair with water and don't even get it wet anymore in the shower. Is there anything I can use to wash my hair so that I won't have this dandruff problem and combat this hard water problem?

2 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-12-05 07:56 ID:qCZUEa8n

You could buy a water softener.

3 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-12-21 21:25 ID:Edy5vO6z


4 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-12-30 05:07 ID:PfnaLI1k

but it keeps me warm...

5 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-12-30 12:59 ID:JuiwWzML

Try different shampoos. LIke Got2B and Frutis.

6 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-12-30 21:03 ID:OSunbwKm

Having a semi-afro too, how do I sort of "settle" it down? It's not tightly curled, but it's very frizzy and shit.

Also in semi-cold climate.

7 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-01-01 23:33 ID:8OQqUtV1

>>1 Try picking it.

8 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-01-03 18:35 ID:JbBxOGhU

I pick it everyday. My scalp is still dry as fuck.
I think that almost every shampoo out today is for people with straight hair (at least that is what I always see in commercials). I will try a new shampoo though.
Try straightening it but then you cannot get it wet. If that doesn't work try getting a relaxer and also deep conditioning it (get a leave in conditioner and put on a heating cap with the conditioner on your hair and leave it on for a hour or so then wash). If all else fails, go to a hair salon (if you can, one for african hair styles).

9 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-02-25 08:52 ID:rdacKoK3

the answer to all your problems: soul glow

10 Post deleted.

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New thread

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