Let's Eat Whales (100)

33 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-02-24 13:43 ID:D2E8F8U5

That depends.. If you're gonna continue with "and then we need to stop make those poor animals eat eachother and make them live in peace", then I'll have to ask you to either go kill yourself or get a reality check.
If you're gonna continue with "because raising animals to eat takes up so much resources which could feed far more starving humans if we invested in a more diverse range of plants and such", okay, maybe. Once we've researched better plants and hardcore meat-eating countries like USA stop being so beef/pork obsessed. Far too many humans starve as it is, today.

However, the issue isn't Yes or No to meat, but Yes or No to Whaling of the extent that is practiced today + logical argument for why so.

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