How the fuck do i install Tsukihime and get it running? (41)

1 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-04-27 22:38 ID:dTCpgn2S

Hello there,

I come to you in one of the darkest hours in my entire life to seek advice and aid from generous wise Anonymous gamers:
I completely fail on installing Tsukihime.
Please tell me what the hell i am doing wrong.

  1. I downloaed the original japanese game (.ccd image, seems like a hongfire release,
  2. I mounted the image with Damon Tools 4.06. Still everything seems to work fine.
  3. I use applocale to run the inst.exe file from the mounted cd image. (without it, installation fails)
  4. I choose a path where i want to install it and answer Yes to the question, which includes the patch i just chose.
  5. I anwer the next 4 upcoming moonspeak boxes with "Yes" or "OK" (depending on the type of the box).
  6. I check the path and there it is, a folder called "月姫" with the files arc.sar, jpgplgin.dll, nscript.dat, scrunarc.dll and 月姫.exe.

I can run 月姫.exe and play the game, but fuck: Moonspeak, everywhere!

7. I downloaded Tsukihime English version 1.1 translation (c) 2006 mirror moon ( and unpacked it. It contains the files arc.nsa, arc.sar, default.ttf, nscript.dat, 2 txt files (a Readme which explains shit and a file with some background info) and 2 directorys ("CD " with music and "Extras" with walkthroughs)

8. At this Point, i tried various things like

  • copying all these files and folders in the 月姫 directory
  • copying only the duplicate files in the 月姫 folder
  • copying the 月姫.exe from the 月姫 folder in the extracted translations folder

9. Now i try to run the 月姫.exe in this directory.
AND WHAT DO I GET? A motherfucking error from hell: It is built of moonspeak and "101.txt line:9977" and Back, debugpage1" and "|goto *2029"....WHAT THE FUCK?

Also, here is a graphical description of the previous enumeration:
What happens at the last question mark depends on yourcooperation...

I also tried copying the CD files on my hard drive, then copying the translation files and folders to it, running the installation procedure. When i started the game i got the same error. Running the game with applocale changes nothing either.
I use german Windows XP SP2.

Jesus.. what a pain in my ass! Please, tell what the fuck i am supposed to do in order to get tsukihime running. Endless internets to helping hands...

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