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25 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2011-02-03 10:09 ID:p9A4MqiR

All my characters are around level 70, is that high? I had a bit of a wander around there and Rydia turned back into a loli to my delight. I think I'll carry on exploring for now.

I don't see why this area can't be entered before the boss and still be optional? To stop you from getting broken gear for the final boss?

Maybe I'm worrying too much about this and being a bit of a completionist (should be a word), I feel like it would be wrong to ignore a huge dungeon they went to the trouble of adding.

How do other people feel about post game content?

One other thing that bugged me - I wish Parom and Palom had their personalities swapped. The cocky, arrogant boy and the sweet, polite, mature girl is over done.

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