ITT We talk about whatever game we feel like talkin about (147)

49 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2011-11-15 22:30 ID:mMnzMqqL

Yeah, but you only need one depending on who you play with.

If you prefer being online, go with tri for wii or possibly freedom Unite with adhoc party, Xlink, or something else.

If you play alone and/or with local pals, consider freedom unite as well, but don't count Tri G for 3DS out either.

That said, I've been replaying Donkey Kong '94 like a goddamn madman. It's hilarious to break the stage like a motherfucker and get through stages that should only take 20 to 30(-35) seconds "normally" in like 5 to 10. It's like "see this shit to climb? Yeah, you can backflip and spring flip through that shit in like 5 seconds flat AND beat the stage). It's incredible.

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