ITT We talk about whatever game we feel like talkin about (147)

62 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2021-10-09 11:02 ID:yZd8lC6s

>>61 Me too, happy days! I liked FF7 but I was too young to understand the concept of RPGs, levelling up to beat bosses etc. Got stuck at Materia Keeper for ages, then one day managed to fluke a win, but went the wrong way afterwards and got stuck in the sidequest where Yuffie steals all your materia. Had no chance to beat the boss, so was completely stuck there.

The PlayStation Magazine did a thing for a while on the demo discs where you could download save data for various games (all characters unlocked, all weapons, stuff like that) and they had a FFVII save just before heading in to fight Sephiroth. I played it a lot from that point, doing lots of sidequests and things, but I've never actually seen most of the game properly...

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