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90 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2022-01-04 16:29 ID:pJcJAyfV

Recently got into Lobotomy Corporation. My journey went something like this:

  • Ooh, this game "Library of Ruina" looks cool. Very stylish UI.
  • Huh, it's a Korean deckbuilding rpg-battler, but also a sequel to another game... "Lobotomy Corporation"
  • After some research, the previous game (LC) looks like a flash game (ew) and seems to take hours and hours to finish, not to mention that it's (apparently) stupidly grindy. Pass for now, but it looks like the sequel can be played standalone.

Plays some LoR

  • wow this game rules. but definitely seems like I'm missing some lore. let's watch the cutscenes from LC
  • ok, I watched all the cutscenes from LC (that took, like, 5 hours?)... back to LoR
  • OK... this game is still great but now I'm intrigued about how the original game plays. The steam sale is still on, so let's purchase LC.
  • before playing LC, I'm going to mod it and make it less punishing. No big deal since there's no achievements...

20 hours later

  • Very glad I decided to give this a go - not only is it a great game in and of itself, but it makes LoR that much better. However, I really wish I had played it from the get go instead of taking this roundabout route. However, I still have a lot of playtime to go...

Someone on steam describes this game as "Korean Autism Management Simulation" which is v accurate & should probably indicate if it's for you or not. My recommendation is (1) unless you're a serious masochist, I would grab some mods that make grinding for stats easier, make it so deaths are not permanent, and make gifts more common, and (2) name your employees after either people you know or characters in media you enjoy. Feels like it would be a lot more fun to do that than sticking with the random names like I did.

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