Megami Tensei (67)

13 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2017-08-26 09:46 ID:oXxUhZ2Z

>Can I ask what you think is better about the writing in IV:A?
Mainly how the story is more tense and overall solid than the previous entry of the series.
Everything before you go to Tokyo in IV isn't good at all in my opinion, Naraku, the very fist dungeon, was abysmal and that shit lasts for hours but Armageddon put you in between the real action right away, that's a very good thing if you ask me.
The general character design is okay if you ask me, did you particularly dislike certain characters?
>Not to offend the rest of the thread, but IV:A seems to be taking lots of things from Personas 3-5, which I very much don't like and don't think is a good direction for the series.
Are you worried about the next SMT volume to still be partially (or even more) influenced by Persona?
I doubt it will happen but who knows?
Maybe at the next Tokyo Game Show we'll see some actual footage of the game, with gameplay and all.
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