Windows 9x Games (22)

14 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2020-10-28 23:28 ID:9OO/spWs

Define cycle detection being shit. Are you referring to the results of leaving it at "auto" (which I'll admit is shit and you shouldn't use the auto setting unless you're really unsure what to set it at), or are you referring to other weird speed issues that might crop up with particular games?

DOSBox is a bit irrelevant when it comes to Windows 9x games though. Yeah, there are instructions where you can jump through a bunch of hoops to run Windows 95 in DOSBox but it's janky and unstable. The unfortunate truth is that if you want to run 9x stuff that's not compatible with XP or beyond, your best bet is still to get an actual Windows 9x era PC. Understandably this is kind of a barrier to entry if space/cost is a problem, especially if you want to play stuff that calls for a Voodoo card and shit.

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