How do you post on 2chan? (61)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-03 07:01 ID:KlmmzEs3

I tried to chat on 2chan just for the hell of it but I'm getting some error and I can't read japanese.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-03 09:02 ID:1Nzd48if

same, i tried to post in 2ch but just came up with some error. btw does 2ch uses some program that makes it like a chat room or is it same as 4ch?? cos i googled pictures of 2ch and it came up with this sort of program that looks like 2ch in a chat room, anyone know about this?

3 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-03 10:13 ID:Heaven

The last time it gave me an error message was because of a too long line. Remember to press "enter" once in a while, even in the middle of a sentence. It breaks the line.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-03 12:42 ID:Heaven

I guess that's caused by norton (IS) which kills 'referer'. I currently found this issue.

5 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-03 12:49 ID:ptN40mLF

First specify: Are you talking about:

  1. 2channel:
  2. Futaba:

They are completely different sites.

6 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-03 19:24 ID:KlmmzEs3

>>5 I'm talking about

7 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-03 19:30 ID:KlmmzEs3

>>3 hm, i tried pressing enter just now, even after just 3 or 4 words but I still get some japanese error message. it says:

こちらでリロードしてください。 GO

8 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-03 20:38 ID:Heaven

you can try at your own RISK.

a)proxy issue: Try without proxy. If you're accessing 2ch through a proxy sever, you might encounter that error message.
b)referer issue: Disable Norton Internet Security when you post.
c)in case of other issue: sorry i could't help you

~~~ peace

9 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-03 21:36 ID:YqnimHp7

こちらでリロードしてください。 GO
kochira de riro-to shite kudasai.
This 'riro-to' please.
Anyone have any idea what 'riro-to' is?

10 Name: KJI!XDpPLAUYlQ : 2006-04-03 21:46 ID:Laraka2q

looks like "Reload."

11 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-04 05:20 ID:YqnimHp7

Whoops, forgot the " on 'to'. Yeah, reload.

12 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-04 10:03 ID:Heaven

>>9 LOL, it's so funny when English people write "riro-to". They can't comprehend that it's actually "rirooto" or "rirouto". The same is with "romanji", what is it so hard in that word that you can't say/spell it correctly, ie. "roomaji" or at least "roumaji"? Thick-headed people...

13 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-04 10:09 ID:o4uUYB0D

Like the Japanese have room to talk with how they murder other languages. Of course, I just spell it rōmaji.

14 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-04 10:23 ID:jH21NQEL

>>13 Awesome since people who can type ō live where, New Zealand? "Ō" is just another stupid way of romanizing "oo". I'd rather use - than that.

15 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-04 10:49 ID:Laraka2q

I just use "romaji," as that's how I've always seen it done here in America. (Aside from the people who mistakingly use "romanji.")

That said, I've seen people use dashes (which sort of look like the original Japanese symbol), overscores(?), U's, or vowels to represent the double sound.

Personally, I understand all of them when I see it, and it pretty depends on which romanization you're using. With the exception of a few words that were adopted into the English language (such as romaji or Tokyo) I usually use modified Hepburn.

16 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-04 11:38 ID:Heaven

Futaba Channel bans all non-Japanese IPs, and a lot of Japanese proxies. If you don't know Japanese, you're not going to be able to do get any useful conversation going anyway, so you might as well give up.

17 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-04 19:59 ID:mHzsVo8f

こちらでリロードしてください = Please reload here

18 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-04 20:02 ID:Heaven


19 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-04 20:06 ID:Heaven

Almost as funny as when you think ド is "to".

20 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-05 02:08 ID:Heaven


21 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-05 02:35 ID:Heaven

> romanji

= "roman 字"

why not? anyway, no point getting your panties in a bunch over how it's spelled on any given day

22 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-05 09:00 ID:Heaven

>>19 Oh puh-lease, "rirooto," "riroodo," doesn't matter. I was just using an example.

>>21 Dear Lord...NO. 「Roman字」 sounds gay anyhow.

23 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-05 13:22 ID:Heaven


Actually it does matter. A lot. It makes all the difference between us laughing at you for being an utter idiot, or not.

24 Name: 28 : 2006-04-05 16:12 ID:Heaven

Mr. Japanese? (Or should that be Nihon-jin-san?)

25 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-05 21:53 ID:Heaven

That's 日本人さま to you!
lol, I'm not >>23...
Let's end this trivial nonsense please.

26 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-11 14:51 ID:e78vZLtD

So, where can I find proxies to post to 2chan?
And what else do I need to do to post to 2chan?

27 Name: Anonymous : 2006-04-11 16:35 ID:Heaven

> So, where can I find proxies to post to 2chan?

28 Name: Anonymous : 2006-07-08 20:22 ID:jq/CdhHu

don't post in 2ch if you can't read japanese ! it's silly

29 Name: Anonymous : 2006-12-31 23:21 ID:5zrppyuZ

this just makes me more determinned to post there

30 Name: Anonymous : 2007-01-01 17:55 ID:Heaven

Sometimes, I've heard that Americans manage to post there, and put some awful Babelfish-Japanese text up along with pics of stuff in America, and they get picked on like you wouldn't believe.

31 Name: Anonymous : 2007-01-08 18:38 ID:0u7jCUjw


Please reload this.

32 Name: Anonymous : 2007-01-08 18:39 ID:0u7jCUjw


o lawd.

You know it's Romaji, rite?

33 Name: Anonymous : 2007-01-08 21:39 ID:Heaven

>>12 LOL, it's so funny when English people write "riroudo". They can't comprehend that it's actually "reload". The same is with "roumaji", what is it so hard in that word that you can't say/spell it correctly, ie. "romanized Japanese"? Thick-headed people...

34 Name: Anonymous : 2007-01-09 04:30 ID:e0wZr3Dz

>"romanized Japanese"

Too long.

35 Name: fart man : 2007-01-09 07:47 ID:cVMbpgp/

[I'm getting some error]
this is fixable. however,

[I can't read japanese]
this is unfixable

so, forget about japan. stay where u should be in

36 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-03 10:41 ID:wmEvYNxE


actually he can learn to read japanese, so it can be fixed. Japanese is not hard to learn, after all I learnt it. Pretentious assholes.

37 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-11 01:10 ID:VtYTKHOG

Sounds more like Japanese people trolling to me.

38 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-21 15:52 ID:9e8Gr2Xb

you guys should stop fighting about kana. and why bother with nichaneru when you have all these english boards.

39 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-22 15:53 ID:yC4+ZAF9


They're so active too!
4-ch doesn't have any activity or plots to blow up trains. is just a never-ending cycle of unmoderated crap /vip/ invasions.

40 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-03 18:04 ID:I8l+HRtT

Resurecting this dead thread. Anyone has an up to date working proxy?

41 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-10 22:03 ID:nUPBEUCw


42 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-11 20:55 ID:Heaven

43 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-18 17:44 ID:Heaven

transform in japanese

44 Name: Anonymous : 2010-06-29 13:26 ID:eclLOKVx

try to translate?
only japaneses IP's can post, and proxies aren't allowed.

45 Name: Anonymous : 2013-08-25 09:16 ID:5yJGgXTN

I live in NZ and have no idea how to type an 'ō', what are you talking about?

46 Name: eizi 42th : 2013-10-26 05:14 ID:MyXqvRfo

i am japanese old boy oyazi

my work is home guard japanese jitakukeibiin

47 Name: Anonymous : 2013-11-28 02:02 ID:/gEZFJl3

How do I post on 2channel's dejima? I used to be able to post but now it seems that only Japanese addresses have posting access.

48 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-04 18:47 ID:UL3vXZ6c

Me too

49 Name: Anonymous : 2014-03-03 15:06 ID:TgqpZH0a

I'm japanese.
but i don't know how to post...
Actually,it is difficult for japanese to post.

50 Name: Anonymous : 2014-03-05 08:36 ID:eJSiiBVz

>>47 i am japanese old boy

katusikacity in the tokyo

51 Name: Anonymous : 2018-02-15 12:45 ID:dDbcs11q

wow this is fucking old

52 Post deleted.

53 Name: Anonymous : 2018-02-17 00:24 ID:Eiw2T1Uf

Channel 4 has been around for a while now. You have proof that Channel 4 today is equally as inane as in the past.

54 Name: noko : 2018-06-11 05:29 ID:u9UuxNgr


55 Name: Anonymous : 2018-06-14 02:23 ID:UHNFxn5L

nani? kansei drift?

56 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-09 04:28 ID:hFFCad2v

lmao i tried too they dont let non japs in

57 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-05 07:28 ID:Heaven

You'll need either a gaijin pass or a Japanese VPN to post on 2chan.

58 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-26 10:36 ID:otPnCmG8

yeah and both 2chan and 2ch/5ch/ seem to keep tabs on foreign proxies. at the very least, mine doesn't work there

59 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-26 23:52 ID:CFUpPiRn

>>58 5ch has international boards that are more or less inactive, such as

60 Name: Anonymous : 2021-03-04 01:27 ID:sK6GmS53

Seriously? Bad luck to the jap speakers from outside nippon then.

61 Name: Anonymous : 2021-03-09 21:44 ID:sK6GmS53

Know Japanese.

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