Easy, Simple Yet Useful Recipees [n00bs] (37)

30 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-11-14 22:52 ID:YDueGEef

this one's a car camping campfire recipe. full of meat and yet none of the basic ingredients require refrigeration-- no ice chest! the tough part is sourcing the machacado but you can get it online. machacado is basically finely shredded mexican beef jerky. it contains a shit amount of salt so there's no other salt (or spices) necessary to add.

recipe is tolerant of ingredient subs when it comes to the vegetables, just make sure to add water if there's not enough liquid.

can be used for tacos or for dipping tortilla chips.


1/4lb machacado (carne seca de res)
3 roma tomatoes, rough chopped

1 poblano chili, rough chopped
1 large onion, rough chopped

1 bunch cilantro, rough chopped

oil in pan; mirepoix.
add machacado, tomato; cook to rehydrate (∼10min). stir in cilantro; cut heat; done.

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