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Dumpster Donuts

Yes, you read that right. You're going to liberate the perfectly good donuts they throw away everyday at stores that sell them.
Or, if you aren’t going to be able to stomach the idea of eating something out of the trash, pick them up when they’re marked down for being a day or two old.
However, if you do this there is danger that you'll be marked by the employees from next time on; it's a double-edged sword.
I can't recommend it to amateurs.
Either way, these donuts are still fine — probably just a little stale.

Here’s where the trick comes in: Use the broiler.
The what? The broiler. It’s a feature of your oven, and here you’re gonna learn how to use it.
Normally your oven attempts to heat evenly throughout the inside, but putting it in broiler mode turns on an element at the top that radiates a ridiculous amount of heat down at whatever is directly below it.
You use it for making things crisp at the top or around the edges, the final touch.
It’s the step that makes the chicken skin crispy, the cheese melted and bubbly, the lightly singed edges of a salmon steak...

The reason this works is that the broiler toasts the outside of the donut (which makes them taste better) while caramelizing any icing or glaze on top (And then, it's crispy and delicious. This is unbeatable.)
You can also do this in a toaster oven, although it probably won’t caramelize the icing like a broiler will.
Do NOT use a push-down toaster... the icing will drip down and burn and fill your house with smoke. And/or fire.
Now you have amazing warm donuts for absolutely free (or cheap)

There’s a ton of great dishes you can finish off in the broiler but we’ll get to all that stuff later.
For now, enjoy your upgraded donuts. [TWN]

- Take your dumpster (or discount) donuts
- Microwave them briefly until they're soft inside (~10 seconds for a single donut)
- Put them on a metal tray or sheet of tin foil
- Turn on your oven's broiler mode
- Put them in your oven and adjust the rack so the donuts are about 2" below the broiler
- Keep the oven door open
- Watch, since the broiler works hot and fast
- Take the donuts out after they start to brown but before they burn (~1-2 minutes)
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