Neeed to knowww about animationnn (14)

11 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2022-03-04 03:29 ID:Heaven

I see. I'm more of a blender3d guy, I know nothing about Maya.

Are you making a videogame or a video? Or maybe just a gif? Do you want to make animation your career, or are you just wasting yours and everyone's time?

I've read only "The Animators Survival Kit" out of those. It felt a bit wasteful, lots of barely useful talk and just a few actually useful advices, like "make mass constant between frames". Also it is too old fashioned, it talks about like 1960's western animation. You need to make a video about animation, not a book.

Interesting thing I learned from watching "Puss in boots" by toei animation ('n_Boots , I'm not sure why english title is so retarded, japanese title is just "Nagagutsu wo haitta neko", literally "Puss in boots"), is that picking a good character design is very important for making animators' lives less painful. Literally everyone's head there is a circle, they are mostly made of ovals, yet it doesn't jump into your eyes that much. Western cartoons also have simplified character designs, but those are just abhorrent monstrosities most of the time, going full jew to save money. The x-men cartoon is good, everyone looks human, cartoons with talking animals are eh, can't stomach those anymore, but some go below that.

Many studios outsource animation to chinese or some other asians. Basically to whoever works for cheapest. So, if you don't live in some shithole with very low income in general population, becoming an animator is probably out of your reach.

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