finding position and orientation of limbs in locomotion (8)

5 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2022-03-30 04:01 ID:GkvToEIz

>>4 well you were the one who only suggested life drawing and dismiss mathemathics as stupid.

>bodies and muscle and put together.

clearly this is not the same topic but maybe you have hard time noticing it.

>using animation tools?

yes, they rotoed, i suppose. or actually use some brainy solutions i have not read, or you.


i m not sure if mathemathics is not basic, given it is a discipline existing in just about many things.

>emotion, feelings

look, i'm still on the basic, arent it? realism will do for now, and walk cycle and "good, solid, perspective, animation" IS the basic.

>accentuate movements

these are funky ideas, but abit too advanced dont you think? you cannot even describe a walk cycle... maybe this is not your field, capiche?

>in summary

i m not sure this is your field buddy. you are either a genius, or completely way over your head but you dont seem like the type who knows any literature to basics to solve problems or even legit to teach logical problem solving. once those few thousand hours are gone, you d just say "this isnt for you" so, mate, this thread isnt for you either.

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