Yahoo eating everything! (41)

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EGroups, Geocities, Rocketmail...
Flickr noooo!!! You were so open, and so free :( noooo!!! You were quasi-useful :(

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Why do so many people seem to think that getting acquired is a good thing? I happened upon the weblog of the Flickr or or something like that inventor, announcing that it had been sold to Yahoo, and all the comments were like "Congratulations!", and nobody seemed worried or disappointed at all. What's up with these people?

I used to use eGroups and Geocities long, long ago but had stopped by the time Yahoo swallowed them. Never used Rocketmail,, or Flickr. >>3 What, I went to and it still seems to be advertising free accounts; could you clarify?

9 Name: 3 2005-12-18 22:09 ID:yXeIaBSv

>>8 okay I looked at that geocities page and I don't see anywhere mention that they are offering you a geocities email.
A page, yes. I still have my geocities page of long ago.
But no email.

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