The *chans and people there (7)

5 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-10-08 05:16 ID:CWt2iYea

I think that image boards are alright, and I frequent a few a lot (4chan, 7chan, kochan, etc.). I love the anonymous aspect. I like 4-ch a lot because it is for straight actual discussion. I'm not saying that there isn't actual discussion at places like 4chan, but in 4-ch, we seem to stay on topic and be more serious a lot more. This would change if we became a lot more popular, yet it does save us from a lot of problems (CP, thread derailing, porn floods, etc.), so we have to worry about a lot less.

Like >>2 said, 4-ch really isn't in the image board culture. 4-ch still has some of the original japanese memes intact (although I have noticed that it is seemingly starting to go away if only a little, which is good because we need to get out of our 2ch 'dependency' for culture).

Anyways, I think the faster that 4-ch weens off of 2ch's culture and gets some of it's own, we will be much more better off and probably attract a lot more people. I digress though, because I have gone a lot off topic. FIN.

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