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After reading everything on Wikipedia and related websites, only these questions remain: How do you join? How are groups formed?

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Which scene? The demo scene? The punk scene?

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the ob scene

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The "Scene" in general, which according to Wikipedia includes the demoscene, artscene, and cracking scene. I'm most interested in the latter.

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1A1. Learn to program in BASIC and learn to make awesome musics
1A2. Artisan programmers decide to start making awesome demos together

1B1. Become impossibly sensitive and draw everything
1B2. Impossibly sensitive artfag friends decide to start drawing stuff together

1C1. Become l33t and get to know l33t hax0rz
2C2. l33t hax0r friends decide to start l33t haxing together, really

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If I remember correctly, you have to obtain form 1K-1024 and mail it in, in triplicate, to the Scene Central Bureau. Then just wait for your official membership card and get cracking!

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This is a COOL thread, I am BUMPING it.

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instead of BASIC moar like ASM

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also cracking is nothing special when you know how programs/computers work. also a little ASM/programming knowledge will help.

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Do not forget to fill out your BBCODE application and all the required BASS forms.

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I'm actually half kidding, especially for old-time BASIC, where you had to violently POKE memory to get anything useful done.

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Speaking of intros,

A collection of Amiga cracktros recreated in flash.

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Here's a serious reply after half a year (only >>5 is half-serious):

> How do you join?

Easy way: get involved in the web scene, hang out on fora and irc channels. Become friends with people; you'll find quite a few are in the scene. Show them your skill, gain their trust and eventually ask to join their group. This method is slow, but if you are genuinely interested it comes naturally.

Hard way: Find a group with a public email address and convince them that you are skilled and trustworthy. This method seems simpler, but it's very hard to convince someone to put their security in the hands of . Do you want to be a member of a group that accepts people as member after a few emails?

> How are groups formed?

There's two parts. First, some guys come together and decide they want to start a group. Second, they get one or more site owners to have them as affil. Again, they must convince them of their skill and trustworthyness. And they must first find them, so creating a group without already being in the scene is uncommon.

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You don't join them. You start them. (That, or you go to conventions.)

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