Why 2ch is so cool; we need equivalent! (45)

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For whatever reason, it seems that text boards are more appealing to Japanese than they are to the rest of us. 2ch has WAY more posters than Futaba, whereas 4chan and (to a lesser extent) the other English language imageboards dominate our text-only boards. My theory it that there's a relation to the generally higher computer literacy of the Japanese. Maybe it's also because 2ch is an enclave that is specifically Japanese, whereas we English speakers have most of the Internet in our native language. That works to concentrate the Japanese on 2ch, while we diffuse across all the available options.

It's kind of sad to see the text boards see less use than USENET groups dedicated to the same topics. On the plus side, there is less spam here.

It's too bad, because getting a lot of the non-image-related discussion off of the imageboards and onto text boards would dramatically improve the quality of both.

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