Jayne Chobot Herring: Feminist From Hell, Abusing the Child Support System (10)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-11-25 05:49 ID:uAwvgKF4

Hey, y'all: trying to find personal army-type spaces in the deepweb, but it's difficult to navigate. Reposting for a buddy. Check out his story at the link and feel free to repost anywhere you think would be helpful. Thanks amillion.

2 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-11-25 05:51 ID:uAwvgKF4

"I'm a relatively wealthy guy in Dallas, TX who had his heart broken by a gorgeous woman last year. She got remarried in early 2013, and she's the type to take off her wedding rings and screw with guys just for fun. I know this because as it turns out, her ex-husband has a semi-popular blog, and he wrote about her serial adultery in some detail. She destroyed the guy. Long story short, I fell for her and didn't even know that she was married until after we'd fucked five times. She unceremoniously dumped my ass and moved with her husband and kid (the ex's) to Laguna Beach last summer.

Her husband, Myron Garfield "Gar" Herring, is the president of the MG Herring Group here in Dallas, and has no idea that she's cheating on him left and right (even though he knows she cheated on her ex because of the blog–she claims he did as well, but she's admitted to Dallas friends that it's total horseshit and he was completely faithful to her)."

3 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-11-25 05:51 ID:uAwvgKF4

"Everyone in Dallas high society knows what she's doing to her ex, because she can't stop bragging to her friends about it. I still have some mutual friends with the cunt, because the ones who know what she's really like are terrified of her, so they stay on her good side and don't let on and she keeps telling them shit.

Basically, she's taking advantage of the fact that fathers' rights in are an atrocity in this country. The ex seems like a really nice guy, a terrific father and a talented writer, and it really sucks.

What initially happened was that she and the ex had a baby girl, and he was the stay-at-home dad and because he'd been laid off from his job. When they broke up, he took the baby and she abandoned her, not bothering to see her for months. She took her back when she felt like it, won the attorney game because she was employed and he wasn't (he moved back in with his parents to take care of the baby), and became the custodial parent."

4 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-11-25 05:52 ID:uAwvgKF4

"Then she married the richest guy she could find and continued to sleep around.
Because she lives off her husband's millions, she gets to say that she doesn't have any income, and since her spouse's income doesn't factor in, she can shank her ex for child support. She pretends to run her own business as an "event planner," but really just gets herself listed as an "organizer" for charity events and then doesn't take a paycheck, turning around and demanding more money from the ex, who has an average income.

Two summers ago, her youngest brother died of cancer, and didn't want to see her on his deathbed because she's a monstrous narcissist. Her parents respected his wishes and told her she wasn't welcome, so she cut them and her two living siblings off AT HER BROTHER'S FUNERAL. She told them that they're only to contact the kid when she's with the ex, and she'll never speak to them again.

When the ex tried to take the kid to spend a holiday with her family, she and her current husband threatened to raise the child support to a level he cannot afford to prevent him from doing it. She suckers her husband into helping her do this because she pretends to have PTSD from having been abused by them as a child and having been raped in college. She has laughingly told Dallas friends that both stories are horseshit. She had told me the rape story, too, so I was shocked when I found out that she made it all up. She thinks it's hilarious. Her husband helps her keep her parents (who are by all accounts very sweet people) away from her child because he believes that they are abusive and that all of her siblings were brainwashed. Because it's what SHE wants. She's also going around lying to everyone that the ex never pays child support when he's supposed to. That's horseshit, too."

5 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2015-11-25 05:53 ID:uAwvgKF4

"I was heartbroken until I found out more. I now feel really bad for the ex and her current husband, who has been completely fooled by her. She uses the kid as a prop on social media to project the image of the perfect family, and is actively engaging in parental alienation to brainwash the kid against her father so she can replace him with her newer, richer model. She reneged on a verbal agreement & hit him with a giant back support bill in an attempt to bankrupt him, too.

And of course, she's all over social media talking about what a big fucking feminist she is. What else would she be?

I don't know if there is anything we can do to help, but I firmly suggest making her life miserable like she does to everyone else. Breaking up her marriage would help the ex, the kid, and also the current husband, who stands to be ruined and to have his family ruined if he doesn't dump her before she turns on him.

Fortunately, her attempts to get knocked up by the rich husband have ended in miscarriages, because everyone hopes she can't conceive again to ruin yet another child's life.

Anyway, here's her info. Have fun. I'm traveling for work right now and probably won't post much more–certainly not after I get home, because I don't want to be traced."

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You posted this on 4-ch of all places?

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