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It seems like the web is getting harder to use.

Or maybe I'm just getting older.

  • I was using a search bar on a website. It had no "search" button ... it was just a text field. I tried hitting enter and nothing happened. The screen didn't change or anything. I finally reloaded and tried again and THEN my search actually returned results.
  • I was tabbing through a webpage, but the links were never highlighted or outlined to let me know that I was tabbed on them.
  • Webpages have become harder to read! I'm serious. There is something wrong with the new age typefaces. It's like someone decided to make a new font that inherited 3 X chromosomes so every character could be big, but skinny.

I am not adapting well to the future at all.

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I think you're forgetting some things:

There's the 'flat design' bullshit that people think 'is artistic':

  • links and regular text only have a slight hue and saturation difference that's hard to spot, there's no underline on links like what we've been doing since the fucking early 90s
  • buttons are just icons now
  • everything on one huge-ass page that you have to scroll down or if you click a link? The page will smoothly scroll you down, which I bet works great on low-powered mobile devices, like my ARM laptop that I've got.
  • dark patterns about everywhere

Worst of all? This shit is starting to infect traditional desktop computing too.
Are those buttons on that dialog box or just text decoration? Who fucking knows?! The only help you get is the layout of the window.

Now look at Windows NT 4.0:
You know that "About Windows" thing is a dialog box. It has a shaded "OK" button in the right bottom corner. Shit's 10/10 UI design.
Besides. You can actually see that the buttons to close/minimize/maximize a window are actually buttons, in contrast with Windows 10 where they're decorated like they themselves are window decoration.

Windows NT 4.0 literally indicates what is and isn't a button better than Windows 10!

Hang on, guys. I think I'm gonna install Windows NT on my system.

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Welcome to the aneurysm that is the Google design guidelines.

>Surfaces and edges of the material provide visual cues that are grounded in reality. The use of familiar tactile attributes helps users quickly understand affordances. Yet the flexibility of the material creates new affordances that supercede those in the physical world, without breaking the rules of physics.

What a breath of fresh air. They want the designs to seem as realistic as interactions we have in the real world.

Let's try it out:

That's right. According to google (and reality, apparently), pressing a button is actually the opposite. You're really pulling the button toward yourself!

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The biggest palpable decline in the past half-decade has been the fall of the search engine and SEO wars. The Internet has become difficult to navigate and less usable largely because it's impossible to find something you're not looking for by name anymore.

6 Post deleted.

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The web is barely even fit to be named as such any more, it's more like a bicycle wheel, where you can be on the rim, but all paths--the spokes--lead to the centre: Google and Facebook.

This isn't even getting into the actual bullshit on the computers, where apparently the actual ACT of using a computer should be an experience and a delight in itself. And its affecting Linux Desktop Environments as well.

I'm so mad about this I might become a Luddite by choice.

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We made the developers in charge of development, and the designers in charge of design. So we have developers making software into a rolling beta because it's fun (and assures long-term employment to fix the bugs their games created), and the designers treat it all as one big art project. Look at how much system resources are used to generate all that nothing they have in their designs. And all this just causes problem on the new F/UHD screens because their pretty pictures don't scale well, and for some reason fucking boxes can't seem to scale well. If we had stuck with bitmap graphics and fonts (at least for the UI) we'd just need to double up the pixels and call it a day.

And don't even get me started on some of the CSS coloring people use for their standards in HTML. I saw a site the other day that had their bold font set to be normal weight and underlined, and their link font to be bold, but without an underline.

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True, but a lot of this has to do with nobody stepping up to make usable shit.

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Have a good trip.

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That's horrifying. It's even worse that some of this could be rectified in browsers, especially stuff like pressing tab to show links not outlining the selection, but the default options to do so are difficult to find or use; I also belive that the newer versions of HTML itself is implemented incorrectly: I've seen short sentences within div tags break into two lines when there was plenty of space to expand out to it's full length -- on the newline there could be as little as 3 characters when there was more than 75% of the screen width left for use.

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The web is also getting bloated, with frameworks or whatever that is that loads a ton of javascript into my browser and fill my memory. not only that, advertising has destroyed any good faith in visiting a website, a webstie full of ads will track the user, feed the tracking information to advertisers without user's consent, not to mention the aforementioned RAM flooding.

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Earn $1,000,000 together.

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Whose idea was it to make https so popular? My browser will often get an https "secure connection failed" for no real reason other than that the website forced https instead of http. One time it even gave me an https error when directing me to a firefox help forum thread about https errors. Also when trying to access free wifi that have those "accept our terms of use" redirect pages at places like a library or cafe, it will give me an "Unsecure" error for any website that uses https, forcing anyone who wants to log in to memorize a specific http site. What a mess.

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The web as an all-encompassing method of digital presentation was a massive mistake as we pay for it every single day. What exactly was wrong with using different protocols for different types of file and server. It's not like anyone using a browser would notice the change from HTTP to Gopher to FTP in terms of their actual interaction with the computer itself (in that it's all in the same program and obeys that program's laws).

Sometimes I even think HTML has been a joke that's gone on too long and we should all go back to text files.

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Maybe a txt:// protocal that's only interpreted as plain text or a mtxt:// as plain text + bold, underline, italics, hyperlink and monospace differentiators would be a welcome protocal.

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>Maybe a txt:// protocal that's only interpreted as plain text

That exists: it's called Gopher.

>mtxt:// as plain text + bold, underline, italics, hyperlink and monospace differentiators

That exists: it's called HTML 1.0

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I hate how so many news sites nowadays use such huge fonts and pictures, plus add floating banners taking up 20-30% of the vertical space, so that even on a 1080p monitor it's like you're browsing in 640x480 mode. People design for mobile and then adapt the same god-awful UX to the desktop instead of the other way around.

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>so that even on a 1080p monitor it's like you're browsing in 640x480 mode.

Same with how slow a lot of computing is these days in terms of UI and other things. Makes you wonder what it would be like if we didn't waste it all on useless trash and bloated code. Might as well have just stayed on DOS if we were going to have such annoying experiences.

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Javascript is heretical

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Bring back Xanadu.

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it's like cable TV now

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drowing in the rising tide

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Fuck endless scrolling! Fuck it.

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fucking Shangrila

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just some basic html and css skills can create a great webpage with only a few tags. but no serious website would ever do that.

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UX is a cancer upon the world. I don't understand the point either, people in the mainsteam aren't gonna give that much more of a shit about the title being a different font and taking up half of the screen or the header resizing itself depending on the direction you scroll, so why not just give the actual content and keep things simple? I mean more often then not these sites are too ambitious in their UX and it becomes actively infuriating to work with. Wouldn't being a simple and direct news service be better at making viewers subconsciously prefer one site over the other? Isn't that why Yahoo Japan still holds its classic design?

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you do not have a fucking idead of how much i hate this shit
i hate too much

30 Post deleted.

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just stop

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