When is a community "dead" (14)

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Pretty much any web site that's not one of the top 10 is "dead" by the standards of the modern web. This is because everything is considered to be in a constant state of ongoing development and updating, meaning if something isn't growing then there's a problem. This leads to people demanding daily uploads and constant validation, who of course means that to stay up-to-date with goings-on becomes almost a full time job. The idea that you'd only connect to the internet briefly has died, and a computer that doesn't have an internet connection is almost considered half a device these days.

This seems like a tangent, but I think it goes a long way towards answering whether something is dead or not because it demands that standards be set. I'm a "new" user to this site, having only been browsing and posting for about a month, but I have taken to its slower pace and that I don't need to check back in (even at a mental level) every hour.

I think such a usage of the web leads to the best experience for the user in the long-term even if its not as exciting in the short-term.

So I think the question shouldn't really be "is this (or any other) site dead?" and more "should it be like a site that's 'alive' at all?"

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