What's your least favorite website (41)

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Honestly 'the worst site ever' would be some half finished project by a board teen or some sketchy site made to only datamine not one of these big sites.

My popular worst site ever would be Discord. Personal vendetta because all artist critique groups moved on there and the site sucks for that. It's impossible to have a 1 on 1 conversation about art when any rando can jump into the server and derail it. Also I use discord then abandon it a lot so I need to make a lot of new accounts. That doesn't sound bad, but they require a new email, that can't be a throwaway or old one, every time and some times they ask for a phone number.
It also sucks when people use social media as their platform because they think it can mean they can post stuff besides art. They can do whatever they want, but I hate it when I have to scroll past 20 meme repost for one doodle.

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