Tanasinn Wiki dead (19)

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world2ch.org is dead too

Yahoo! Answers is going to die too. My questions:
What chemicals are very hard to make?
Other than purified uranium 235 which takes lots of ore, vaporization, and super expensive and ultra hard to get centrifuges. Also, other than insulin for diabetics which is super hard to create in a lab.
Chemistry 1 year ago
Is acetone attracted to glass?
Acetone and water are polar molecules; water is more polar I think because it has hydrogen bonds and acetone has no hydrogen bonds. Water is attracted to glass, but is acetone attracted to glass?
1 Answer Chemistry 1 year ago
How do I view every single song released in a certain year?
Like every single song released in 1967, for example. Did someone compile a list somewhere? Maybe I can find this list at musicbrainz.org or something like that.
4 Answers Other - Music 1 year ago
Why doesn't NO2 have two triple bonds?
Instead, it is :N (triple bond) O (single bond) :O::
1 Answer Chemistry 1 year ago
What is the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world?
Which one is the most powerful? I don't care if it is harmful or toxic; I just want to know which one is the most powerful, for I'm just curious. Based on what multiple people said, sex and masturbation is much more enjoyable when high on methamphetamine. I know a person who said that he masturbated like all night while watching porn and it was great.
5 Answers Men's Health 1 year ago
Is an overweight woman's vagina any different than a nonoverweight woman's vagina?
3 Answers Singles & Dating 2 years ago
Do all vertebrates have ribs?
Also, can all vertebrates feel pain?
2 Answers Biology 2 years ago
In Medieval Europe did people think trees gave birth to birds?
3 Answers Mythology & Folklore 7 years ago

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