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File: 1652280262064.gif (33072 B, 206x254) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
33072 No.3307  

how to know if your materials, which is already based on trending events/forecast
is gonna sell at least a cent,say for a page?
i suppose it's too small of a number but you could say an X amount is to be expected but we ll just start with knowing if the single piece of illustrated paper will sell ONE for a cent at least

like is it possible to know if it worth that much? what is the logical technique to know this fact at least like maybe in product design or so

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>> No.3309  

>>3308 knowing the value of the item yee producing....

>> No.3310  

  ,∧__∧ The market decides
  ( ・ω・ )   n
  ⌒`γ´⌒`ヽ( )
  ( .人 .人 γ ノ
  ミ(こノこノ `ー´

>> No.3311  

What are “materials”? Who is your target audience? What do you mean by product design?

>> No.3312  

>market decides
yea but they dont walk to your front door sending you demands...
as in my content
the widest reach should be fine
>product design
well, it's a product lel

>> No.3313  

Do you mean you're drawing pictures of things and hoping someone will buy them?

>> No.3315  

I will buy them all give me your paypal username and password and will deposit money to buy your masterpieces

>> No.3316  

Illustration isn't the same as product design, if that's what you mean

>> No.3319  

hello OP, what is your native language?

>> No.3320  

>>3313 sort of but this one is i wanna know what item sells so i dont just "hope" they sell.

>>3315 wow asshole

>>3316 not that

>>3319 same as yours lol

>> No.3322  

in dat geval kunnen we beter op deze manier praten, want in al deze threads maak je je bedoeling niet echt duidelijk, gast. wat probeer je uberhaupt te bereiken?

>> No.3323  
File: 1652349581530.jpg (210528 B, 1044x1549) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>sort of but this one is i wanna know what item sells so i dont just "hope" they sell.
That's why you should know who your target audience is... out of all humans, which ones are interested in buying these... items you're selling... and out of those humans, which ones would be interested in your particular ones which are based on “trending events/forecasts”? If you're serious about making money off your idea, that's market research you should be doing, not asking anon what he thinks.

>>>3316 not that
Not what? Do you mean "oh it's not product design then" or I'm wrong and it's not illustration?

Again, I'd like to help you if I can, but I still don't really understand what you're asking.

My native language isn't English, I'm also intrigued by your poor English

>> No.3324  

theirs no way in hell OP's broken excuse for English is your native lang.

>> No.3328  

>>3322 wh
>>3323 oh come on. at this point everyone knows pokemon and mlp were targetted to children but these children end up growing into adults and STILL likes mlp so clearly it's a bollocks research so might as well just figure out the biggest common denominations of these materials to get the biggest crowd anyway....
no thats not english
>>3324 uh huh what? i cant read you yadayada

>> No.3329  
File: 1652434458127.jpg (43478 B, 500x667) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3328 That's not what I asked bro, so are you saying you've drawn some Pokémon/MLP fan art? Is that what you're selling? Also please try to avoid swear words like b*ll*cks, this is a place for everyone to relax

>> No.3330  
File: 1652434791091.jpg (7060931 B, 2286x1659) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3328 If you make generic fanart of very popular existing IPs, it would have to be absolutely spectacular to get regular people to spend money on it. And if you have those kinds of artistic skills, wouldn't you be better using your skills in an original way instead of drawing existing cartoons? I don't think you can expect to make money purely on the idea that it is a very popular source material to draw from, just because it's the “biggest crowd”.

>> No.3331  

>>3329 those are illegal
>>3330 thats what i mean exactly

>> No.3332  


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