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Loss of a Loved One
I told them how my wife had fallen into sickness and to calling out her name with questions on her tongue.
We had always been so happy that at first I wasn't sad because I thought my love could keep her strong.
But I never thought so wrongly for the fever fought too strongly and it seemed she never fought at all.

Soon she died, and I despaired upon the love seat we had shared so many times on pleasant afternoons.
I tried and tried to understand why love itself could not command my true love from the comas of her mind.
Now, empty, open, and foreboding, stretching out like darkened clothing somehow stained with silence and with fear.

Death had brought its separation, giving me an education of a dull and slowly drifting day.
I filled my emptiness with sorrow, taking what I could not borrow from the friends I finally drove away.

This is the sad part.
Oh, it's such a sad part...

"Yes, my life was nearly ruined, till I saw what you were doing. Now I strive to keep on serving you.
Life is good but I am better, for I feel at last I let her go because I finally found the truth.
Sadly now, I see the answer. All her life she was a dancer, but no one ever played the song she knew."

JoJo Siwa's Bedroom Will Make You Sick - YouTube

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