I've been waiting.... (791)

402 Name: 映画男 : 2006-09-26 15:02 ID:7ZGM0GIB

greatt on my birthday i have to find out the guy that lyss likes..

btw >>396 you remind me of the guys who use to pick on me, i remember they said the exact same words. "your such a looser! you have no chance!" but i guess it turned out the opposite since they are so scared of me now... (long story) anyway >>396 if you got nothing good or nice to say then dont bother saying anything.

>>400 i think what you said is very true, shes 2 years younger then me so... yeah. the guys name is tony and i asked lyss what his last name was... she got all worried and started asking me "...? what u wanna know? u wanna stalk hin LOL!" so i just said "just wondering if i know him". ok i'm in the mood of fustration cos this guy looks REALLY palthetic and a 12 year old kid! and his got a xanga site and talks about lyss as well... like "omg sweet talk isn't working with lyss.. HELP!?" WTF is that?!! i cant beleive lyss likes this guy!! its really ANNOYING!!

i REALLY REALY want to just move on and focus on manda instead... cos this guy has gone out with LYSS and prob more then once from what i have read...okk i gotta calm down at the moment.

>>398 i understand what you mean, i should be going till the end but the thing is.. i dont want to waste time on lyss if shes likes this TONY guy soo much, i have this problem of giving up easily which i think is happening right now. but to be honest, i compared lyss and manda, personaly i like manda more cos shes nicer, same intrest and i can tell her about anything and she wont be freaked about it, she actuali helps out. i mean with lyss right, she'll prob think i'm EMO again and then go with the silence thing "...." so i really want to just move on. what do you guys think?

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