I've been waiting.... (791)

558 Name: Not this again. : 2007-03-24 14:00 ID:Heaven

I for one, am sick of this thread.

I was vaguely interested in your internet love interest, and I could deal with your issues with Liz. But freaking hell, your little issues never seem to end. Without fail you seem to conjure up some new trivial problem about a girl every couple of months.
You would think that by now you would have either gotten past the "I'mma so desperate for a girlfriend" stage, or you would have improvised with the endless stream of advice that you've gotten from here (which all say the same thing anyway).

Are you so socially inept that you have to discuss every single girl that crosses your path and turn them into an opportunity??

Seriously dude, your life sounds like it revolves around getting your first girlfriend. Well here's a protip buddy: If you cared a little less, then you would probably pull in a couple of decent chicks. But as it stands, you think WAY TOO MUCH about it, and therefore you project yourself as a desperate guy, driving away all the girls.

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