I've been waiting.... (791)

559 Name: 映画男 : 2007-03-24 15:07 ID:Heaven

>>558 i know i may sound desprate on this thread, and it is true that i seem to have problems with every single girl i meet. i have a problem with girls is because i dont socialise enough with girls to understand them, sure i had a few close friends last year like lyss and manda but that was about it. i look desprate becasue i dont even have friends that are girls, the only girl i talk to now is the one i'm taking to dinner this week. if you really must know, i use to be a hikkikimori and a very antisocial person. last year was the only time i started socialising with girls so thats why i kept asking questions about them because i dont know what to do. unlike a friend of mine at school who actuali is desprate because he would plan things to get peoples attention. he tried to pick up lyss last year but i stuffed up all his plans. with lyss and manda, i just naturaly got close to them because they found me as a good friend and someone they could trust but not someone to be a boyfriend. i never had a single girl that likes me because people in the past found me weird as i dont talk much. right now i'm not even trying or doing anything with this girl, shes the one who calls me every night and talk about these things that happen in her life.

right now i have bigger issues and problems then with girls at the moment, so if you think i'm those people who ONLY think about how to get a frecken girlfriend every minute, then sorry you mistaken the wrong guy. i for one aint like those faggot players who has like what...4 girlfriends at a time and acting all trihard like they are some sort of gangstars.

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