I've been waiting.... (791)

563 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-03-26 15:19 ID:Heaven


>right now i have bigger issues and problems then with girls at the moment..

It certainly doesn't sound like it from way you even bother to maintain this thread.

>>so if you think i'm those people who ONLY think about how to get a frecken girlfriend every minute, then sorry you mistaken the wrong guy. i for one aint like those faggot players who has like what...4 girlfriends at a time and acting all trihard like they are some sort of gangstars.

Well, if you're desperate it doesn't mean you're a "trihard gangstar". And you most certainly wouldn't have 4 girlfriends at a time. I think anyone would have worked that out by reading your first post.

>>i seem to have problems with every single girl i meet. i have a problem with girls is because i dont socialise enough with girls to understand them..

To reiterate, you are way too young to be so desperate. Don't try to understand the other sex at your age.

Besides, it's not as if you listen and carry out our advice anyway. You always end up doing something different, because you had already predetermined what you were going to do anyway. I recall telling you that Lyss was your typical asian ditz. Any effort would be wasted on her. Did you listen? No. Instead you went after her like there was no tomorrow. What happened? She was playing with you and had some other guy up her sleeve. You got hurt. But it's okay, because you had a rebound called Manda. Hey, as long as you got one of them right?...and so the tragic story continues..

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