I've been waiting.... (791)

565 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-03-27 13:25 ID:r4yG6EPj


>>I'm techinicly in my last year of high school and we have massive stress from test and homework so thats why i said i got bigger issues then finding a girl friend.

Interesting, I'm in my last year too. Well, seeing as you're probably the same age as me, I'll stop nagging about how young you are. It's your life, I'll stop being such a bitch. Right now I don't really have time to be checking posting here let alone be in a relationship (rejected a friend a few weeks ago partly because of this), so in that respect I can sort of relate.

Also, being asian, I know the way a lot (not all) of asian girls work. They have guys eating out of their hand whenever they please. It's so unhealthy to watch. When you described Lyss and posted her convos on here, she fitted that stereotype. But I do admit that I don't know her in person, so whatever. If you think differently, then that's your judgment. I suppose it is better to have her as a friend because if you had a ditzy asian girl as an enemy, you would have a lot of trouble.

Anyway, remember your priorities. Peace.

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