I've been waiting.... (791)

568 Name: 映画男 : 2007-04-12 10:41 ID:zAiE3FkY

hey everyone
i have decided to end this thread because after a long long think i have finally decided to settle down and just be with lyss, why?! after a long thought i figured out why i couldn;t get over lyss, because i really love her and i have been rejected a few times by her last year. she also managed to bring me out of my shell and change my life not to mention she is the first girl i met managed to do that. so i have decided just go in the natural flow, me and lyss are even closer then before. i know its prob a really stupid idea but thats how serious i am with lyss, if i wasn't i'll prob be like poping a boner and going for another girl. which i dont want to do that anymore cos its just gonna make me look like a player. i'll just wait....just like what i did with Aya cept this time its different. I'm sure i know what to do now so i just wanna thank EVERYONE who posted in this thread even the flamers lol. i'll be lurking around 4ch from now on xD Good luck to everyone and thanks for everything :) really appreciated all your advice on this thread =D

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