I've been waiting.... (791)

596 Name: 映画男 : 2007-09-03 11:32 ID:TdsbSZe1

OMFG....THAT GIRL IS THE BIGGEST BITCH I KNOW.... i cant say its entirely her fault but i'm being the biggest fucktard in the world by buying her a camera for her bday and organizing it for her... like i said before i've done alot for her and been really nice cos apparently shes into the really nice guys or sweet guys. shes been leading me on like flirting around with me and she let me hold her hand in the movies -___- and she doesn't even treat me like a fking friend. shes the tpye of girl who uses people without realizing it so shes the really innocent type. basicly i had a fight with her last friday before her bday party because she told me she doesn't care if i go or not cos shes gonna ignore me at the party and by the way i was the one who ogranized all her food and drinks, even bought them for her for fks sake! then i was asking her if shes back with her ex bf but she wouldn't tlel me so i'm like "why u wont u tell me?! afraid i'm gonna ignore u or something?! so everything i done for u is nothing?!" so we end up arguing on the phone and i hung up on her cos i was on a frecken payphone (dont ask) cos i was out so when i got home i txt her "if everything i did for u was nothing, then u really hurt me as a friend, i did my best to make u happy, supported u and done everything i could for u" she only replied "is that how u think, then ok" so i got pissed and said "yeh i know u dont care cos u got ur fkn adrian (her ex bf) , he should be the one doing wat i was doing" so she replied me "hey y u need to put adrian in this? if ur angry with me then angry with me not him ok = = yeh if i didnt consider u as a gud friend then i would let u die last mon, if u wanna think dat only u have pout much effort for me then fine aiihh, anything u wnat to say, i even told u not to put so much time on me and not to be so nice to me and now ur blaming all the stuff on me, thank u very much" then we end up fighting more on the phone so we ended our friendship there.. cos i'm tired of being treated shit and doing all those stuff for her, theres plenty of fish out in the sea as my friend keeps sayign to me

the only thing she said to me was "i think u spent too much time on the girl u like" and that was 3 weeks ago, so i kept a distant away from her but she kept coming back to me and lead me on again... all my friends said she was just using me and one of my friends even had a fight with her cos of me cos he went up to he and said "u gotta stop using people unconsiously, stay a distant away from him" but she got pissed about that so i guess she really was using me without her self knowing and now shes with her fuking ex bf so basicly all my effort was for nothing. right now i dont think i even wanna be friends with her again cos if thats how i'm gonna be treated then fuk this shit, as u can see i am very pissed off

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