I've been waiting.... (791)

598 Name: 映画男 : 2007-09-05 07:01 ID:OjEAOyX/

shes doing the attention seeker thing atm, my friend whos also keeping a distant away from her is suddenly being treated nice out of no where, shes blabbing on how shes sick and crying at night now. i'm just ignoring her but i bet shes waiting for me to start talking to her again, my friend told me to get my camera back but i'm just gonna leave it like this so everytime she uses that camera it reminds her of the stuff i done for her. at the look of the situation, apparnetly she lost her ex bf cos i saw on her msn name "i just lost wat i just won T_T"

say if she does talk to me, should i just ignore her for wat she did to me? or just act normal and nice as uaual cos my friend said if she does talk to me just be normal and nice like you usualy are but my other friends are like "ignore that bitch! tell her to give back your camera and fuck off!", which one is better?

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