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71 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-03-30 23:02 ID:1xZ3s72J

The OP offended me on the behalf of the Japanese people even though I am a Caucasian male. And as for whoever said that the people who are "anti OP" are just hurt because they don't measure up to the posters standards lets take a look at the facts that I can see.

Fact one: OP is not only looking for a specific race to date but a specific type of person from that race, highly picky and close minded. "Not only does my boyfriend has to be japanese, he has to be a certain kind of Japanese".

Fact Two: This is being posted under the assumption that there is some secret place where someone is hiding all the good looking japanese guys and OP wants in on the treasure trove.

Fact Three: This is posted on an anonymous internet message board. I can understand wanting anonymity when discussing relationship problems and that sometimes you can get good advice from strangers, but the question isn't really serious. OP might as well have posted "I want japanese dick in me".

Besides these facts I take issue with this...

"But thing is, what's so shallow bout knowing what I want and going for it."

Because you're not going for it, you're telling random people on the internet that you like Japanese guys, big fucking deal. And it is shallow by the way to predetermine the guys you will consider dating by their nationality. It's the same as me saying "I'll only date white girls", you only think it's politically correct because the Japanese are a minority in whatever country you're from.

And guys, don't worry about this one, any girl who is posting about how to get a guy on a message board instead of just going out and dating is probably pretty foul looking anyway.

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