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How to get a Japanese Boyfriend
(from an American girl’s point of view)

Disclaimer: While it's true you can't generalize everyone into one category, each person is unique- however there are some factors that would attract certain people to only/typically Japanese (or only such-and-such men/women).

1. Know Japanese- As common sense dictates, communicant is key to any relationship. So it’s important that you know Japanese or he knows English. However most Japanese people in general have limited English ability compare to the rest of the world. With that in mind, it might be difficult to find a boy with decent English ability so your best bet is to learn Japanese. Another option is if you attend an university, look for Japanese students there since their English has to be passable in order to attend your university.

2. Be skinny- This is not necessary to get a Japanese boyfriend but it definitely is preferable for Japanese men. In Japan, basically everyone is skinny. Its not because everyone works out or eats super healthy (although many of their foods are healthy compared to American food lol), it could be genetics but the point is everyone is shinny so overweight people in japan do tend to stick out. In Japan the skinnier you are the more pretty you are...I would say there is no limit to how skinny you should try to be in Japan. If you want a Japanese boyfriend, lose weight as long as its healthy for you ☺

3. Be fashionable- Fashion is everything for a lot of Japanese teenagers, college students, and those in their 20’s and even 30’s. I found many girls spend a lot of time and money on how they look. I recommend to try to look your best and go a little up and beyond to attract a Japanese man.

4. Behave like a woman- Girls are girly in Japan. Its expected and considered attractive. Shirts, heels, and lots of makeup are the norm, so try to dress a lot more girly. Know how to cook. In some cases don't try to be too smart or want a high strung career…this sounds a little horrible but in japan the male is the typically the breadwinner and for some a powerful woman can come off as intimidating.

5. Avoid causing embarrassment to others- Japanese people go out of there way not to cause embarrassment/ to others. This is important to know because you can try to see if the Japanese boy you thought you had a great date with is calling you back because he also had a great time or he’s just trying to be polite. Look to see if he is sincere to judge how into you.

6. Know Japanese culture with dating- You don't exactly date in Japan. The process of starting a relationship in Japan is much faster than in America. I think the best way to describe it is: you find someone you are interested in and you confess that you like him or her. If they accept it then you both are in a relationship and then you start dating! Almost opposite from American style of dating where you could date someone for a few months and then be in a relationship! Some things to keep in mind: PDA is a no no in Japan. Holding hands in public is ok, but kissing…dont do it. Valentine day’s is for girls to give boys chocolate. Let your boy pay for you on dates since it might be weird for him for you to pay the bill.

Remember these are just guidelines and are not necessary true for everyone! Good luck ☺

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