I'm going on a date Friday at 11AM. My first. HELP! (41)

33 Name: Secret Admirer : 2012-06-18 17:14 ID:2Nu12t5K

That was a LONG two part story. Like >>29, we can't give much advice except accept the situation @ hand and move on. Sometimes the person we feel comfortable the most can't share those same feelings with you. And that's not to say "she's the one." I believe in making choices AND fate. We all decide whether to live cautiously or sporadically, but when we make those actions, we don't always know whether it would be for the better or worse. In your case...when you mentioned "fuck...use me then," your choice was to allow her to be with you (regardless of her feelings)...just so the hope of being together and starting a spark of love would enact. However, her choice was your "fate" and that's it. I'll say this though: sometimes love finds you in the most oddest of places. One example: I try to call a girl that I liked since elementary school during summer break. Guess what...I called the wrong girl! However, after several phone calls and hang outs...she's my girlfriend...for almost 8 years!

I feel sympathy for you >>1...and I hope you continue finding love as it is finding you...somewhere in this world.

On a side note...the fact that you mentioned Edward Cullen made me stop for a moment and wanted to give you a imaginary punch in the gut. Don't use Twilight analogies...it's annoying and useless.

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