I'm going on a date Friday at 11AM. My first. HELP! (41)

8 Name: Secret Admirer : 2012-06-08 19:02 ID:CO5z2tzQ

Okay, date over.
I think it went great.
This girl is really something. Not normal at all. She's really cultured and worldly. As a child she and her family traveled around with a carnival. Her family set up those BB-gun games where you shoot out the paper star to win a prize. She's done many varieties of volunteer work. She was once in a steel drum band and worked as a stage hand in a play. She helped in making police dog training videos. She paints, draws, has worked in animation in the past, likes architecture, fashion, fine art, all forms of art really, she wants to backpack across Europe and has a whole list of very specific things and events she wants to take part in or attend that take place all over the world. She's thought about joining the coast gaurd, the peace corps, she loves all kinds of music all over the place. She follows international soccer and likes the old original Star Trek. I ended up just agreeing with her on a lot of things and liking almost all of the same things she does.
She put out a reluctant confession. She likes jpop and "the occasional anime."
Did not see that one coming. She likes a lot Miyazaki films, Black Butler, Vampire Knight, Bleach, and FLCL.
She's really kind and fun. She's abnormally polite in an almost traditional way. She laughs easily, has a great smile, is noble and has strong convictions.

We ended up talking for two and a half hours over food we barely touched. There was a couple guys playing music. One guy on trumpet and another on guitar. We were talking when she said "Oh, I know this song." I listened and the tune was familiar to me as well. It clicked for both of use at the same time. "Over the Rainbow!" we both said. She laughed at my surprise.

I walked her to her place of work when her shift was going to start. She stood facing me expectantly, and I didn't know what the hell to do so I just asked.

"Are you looking for a hug or what? Because I can't tell."
She blushed, laughed, and hugged me. I said goodbye and now I'm sapping a library's wifi to type the results of everyones advice.
I stayed cool, relaxed, and this time around My heart was not pounding out of my chest while I was talking to her. But I did manage to somehow hack off park of my motherfucking upper lip whilist shaving last night. She asked my if I was okay and what happened when she saw it. She said I should have just said I was acting tough and got it in a fight or something. "lolno" is all I have to say on that.

All in all she's really great, and I actually think I did okay on this first date of ours. Considering she agreed to a...second date. ( ・∀・) !! It's tomorrow at night after her shift. I think we're just going to walk around in a park. We have yet to really hammer it out.

Hoooooooly fuck I am so thankful to have gotten this advice from you guys.
Thank you so friggin' much.

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