Introvertism and love (10)

7 Name: Secret Admirer : 2020-09-24 19:32 ID:vrfR+jz9

I can't even remember how long I started believing that if I ever met a girl for a serious relationship, it would be from some sort of anonymous board (image or otherwise) because of similar problems to the OP. I've always believed in >>6 like how you should be on the at least somewhat of the same page from day 1 but as time passes and I'm still hoping, I'm realizing I'm going to die alone. Which, by the way, isn't the worst thing ever. I've gone this long without a gf already so the rest of the way can't be much harder.

The pool of women on the internet willing to associate with any sort of anonymous board users is already pretty low, then add in my pretty narrow, non-normalfag interests, and the chances of someone being out there for me is seriously close to 0.

Intentional not-sage

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