Weird Girl Calls Herself "Asexual" (8)

6 Name: 9 : 2019-10-24 10:49 ID:u1A8MdGg

At the most recent anime convention, I took note of all of the girls cosplaying as male characters and decided to talk to her about my favorite male anime characters. I had a feeling that talking about that might allow me to understand how she really feels about men and was exactly on point. As I explained why Toki from HnK was so awesome and inspirational, she cut me off and told me outright that she actually HATES men while making a pretty serious face. I didn't expect her to be so direct. She then brought up another male from the D&D group, explaining how he was very bad to her without going into detail. This triggered something in my brain. I knew that the D&D group stopped being a thing fairly quickly but I didn't know the specific reason why the DM suddenly informed me that the group split, but now I have sufficient information to understand roughly what happened. At that point I also remembered how I read on the internet that certain girls accuse innocent men of rape for nefarious purposes and realized that this girl who openly hates men would have a pretty reasonable motive for doing something like that. While I mostly act fairly mellow, my goal was to marry a girl, which is one of the manliest things one can do, meaning that it would trigger red flags for her no matter how interested I actually am in sex. I figure that at best she would just distance herself from me.
At the convention I also saw some weirdo wearing a communist uniform and she informed me that she "believes it". I'm not a political person, but I know full well that communism killed loads of people and has no upsides beyond holding back overpopulation.
After these two events and a few more minor ones, I informed her that I'm going on a "personal journey to find myself" and went to a place where she wasn't. In truth, I sort of felt threatened. Maybe I'm just a coward, but I can't honestly see myself living with such a person.
After that, I encountered a lonely girl at the convention who looked nice and struck up a conversation with her, being free from the clutches of the asexual demon. We talked for a bit and exchanged phone numbers. Nothing ever happened as a result of that but I realized that I need to be assertive if I seek a girl. I always thought that I had some sort of unsolvable social problem and can only form connections with others through insane amounts of luck, but it turns out I was simply a coward.
Through this recent experience, I have acquired both useful knowledge and precious courage.

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