The gamer girl and I. (4)

4 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2021-04-29 02:13 ID:cxgw7ZIx

he said i fit?
he said it fit?

like he s the goddamn president of united states and i am the
owner of planet earth by that default?

like i have a choice?
like your money is that much i have all the cjoice?

fuck you!
fuck you fucking fuck fuck!
your attitude is so shit it becomes impossivle to have any conversation with you you fucking fuck its fucking over by this
your money is all trash thanks to that you shitfucking fucj
all you backstabbin sellout family for fucking christsake

wel your religion sucks and your god is a petty cheapfucksake
generally NOTHING means shit thanks to your fucjing terms and condition you fucking fucjs

fyck you;:!!';!"?"?";"!!"

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