[Advice] How to cope with the feeling of missing out on love? (14)

9 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2021-06-19 09:31 ID:GwgsR8Tz

I remember basically wooing or asking out two girls in college years ago. I felt bad about being basically rejected for probably too long. It isn't something to feel bad about, especially considering that I am white and that there is a dwindling white population in the US. The one or two who rejected me were blonde. I did get to know two brunette or black haired girls, but that didn't go anywhere.

I don't think I got to know any of the girls that well; they could have very well been dumb or had personalities that I wouldn't be interested in. Sometimes girls confuse their youthful beauty and attractiveness for real self-worth. Physical appearance that most men would be attracted to and is something that a girl didn't work for is not an excellence that stands above the rest. Guys might also confuse physical appearance with real value, which is also dumb.

I had a guy friend whom I knew pretty well, but upon knowing him even further I found that I significantly disliked him even though I sorta liked him an other ways. Friends come and go, and the personality and characteristics of a friend determine how often you interact with him. The same is sorta true with guy-girl relationships. My point is, (1) [ don't feel like you missed out, maybe you just avoided having to get to know someone you would have rather not have gotten to know. ] Maybe you missed out on sex, but sex is probably sorta just bullshit. and (2) [ don't feel bad about being rejected. ]

"dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin" - what is the difference between these?

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