[Spam] Moderation requests [Cleanup] (879)

1 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-06-15 12:32 ID:4tY/FN8M

If you spot something that needs moderator attention, post about it here.

Specify the exact thread and post number(s) if possible.

829 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-01-29 01:08 ID:1SLhTHzj

move to Personal issues or Politics

830 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-08 10:20 ID:wbDKbRRg

People bumping old threads again in General.

831 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-08 23:38 ID:Mk0SOEkF

It's not like anything of value ever gets posted there. If you did a blind test between General and DQN I wonder how many people unfamiliar with 4-ch would correctly identify "the board intended for stupid joke threads" (the character threads and AA might tip them off but I dunno.)

832 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-09 23:00 ID:dkxFxtvL

That's not really a problem. That's a tradition and I enjoy the opportunity to see old threads.

I always ask this whenever it gets brought up, what's the point of saving old threads if it's taboo to bump them?

833 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-10 10:18 ID:wbDKbRRg


>what's the point of saving old threads if it's taboo to bump them?

To check older content? What a silly question.
Wanting to interact with every single discussion you see in the internet is silly.

834 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-10 13:23 ID:Heaven

it's fun to bump up older threads, to show them to everyone else who otherwise might not see them.

835 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-10 14:34 ID:Heaven

it's fun to bump up older threads, to annoy the faggots who whine about it.

836 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-10 15:52 ID:W7yih3OA

That's what archives are for. But the subback is not an archive. It is a list of every thread that can still be interacted with. Again, why even allow the interactions in the first place? Most of us like it like this and have been responding to posts from 2006 since 2009 so I don't want it changed.

837 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-10 20:48 ID:wbDKbRRg

Well, I think it would be good to archive threads after a certain amount of time has passed (that would depend on the board etc.)
Also, most of us? That's just you personally think.

838 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-10 23:02 ID:Heaven

It may be fun, but unfortunately it's hard to distinguish from people like >>835 doing it

839 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-11 03:42 ID:W7yih3OA

With some of the dead boards, older threads tend to be more refreshing than the newer threads which don't get responded to and which are usually on the front page for a month at a time. The people are long gone, but for the lurkers who walk into it, it's a brand new conversation.

840 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-11 10:20 ID:wbDKbRRg

Conversations? Hahaha.
Most of those threads get bumped with shittiy phrases or just a single word and then get pushed away from the first page almost immediately.

841 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-11 21:44 ID:W7yih3OA

I'm looking at the food and hobbies board right now, and almost all of the conversations are in fact necrobumps. People really do reply to old threads.

842 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-15 00:54 ID:0+rtfSHW

843 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-16 15:29 ID:pwArjwA4

I like seeing old threads bumped, and it's even more enjoyable knowing some people get upset by it. I don't necrobump to troll, it's just a happy bonus

844 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-16 18:32 ID:Heaven

I never do it to troll, I genuinely want people to read the old threads, but I do something think about the people here and I giggle about it

845 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-17 10:18 ID:Heaven


>I never do it to troll, I genuinely want people to read the old threads

There's already an ''all thread'' link to see past discussions so stop bumping old shit.

846 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-17 16:13 ID:Heaven

stay mad

847 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-18 19:58 ID:Heaven

who do you think is making those posts

848 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-20 23:54 ID:Mk0SOEkF

first actual spam I've seen in quite some time

849 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-22 14:25 ID:+/bEc6JL

the CP bots have found the imageboard

850 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-22 14:58 ID:sFFbwfw8

It was fun while it lasted.

851 Name: ssz!8KKxaxpAFg (Admin) : 2021-03-01 23:37 ID:vLToTP8Y


It seems like it stopped, looks like he got the message.

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