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1 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2020-07-21 09:25 ID:iKA2oBfn This thread was merged from the former /code/ board. You can view the archive here.

Why does C shart suck so much?

2 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2020-07-22 01:20 ID:WFzdwUzq

Because it's Java except made by M$ so they don't have to put up with Oracle's bullshit.

Which is a perfectly understandable motivation, they just missed the memo that everyone on the planet stopped giving a single fuck about Java the nanosecond that HTML/CSS/JS became mature enough to create cross-platform apps in.

(shitty cross-platform apps, but not any shittier than Java apps tbqh)

3 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2020-12-31 08:55 ID:/AwlEA/k

I prefer Java apps over bloated web pages that blow my bandwidth

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