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A movie about 4 people who know how to cheat on each other.

Natalie Portman still sucks at acting.

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INSTANT REVIEW: Gilmore Girls (2000 to 2007)
(I watched most of this show, but didn't finish watching all of the episodes yet.) I watched the first few seasons somewhat ironically as something to watch on Netflix while eating food. However, after watching the first 1, 2, or 3 seasons, it became a show that I don't just watch to-entertain-myself-while-eating. I watched plenty even when I wasn't eating. I like this show, more than I liked "Grey's Anatomy", which is a stupid show. If you cut out the interracial stuff "Gilmore Girls" is like a pro-white TV show maybe, which is neat. Thinking about the whole "women in film/TV" thing that cucks talk about, "Gilmore Girls" pulls it off well. "Gilmore Girls" might be in the feminist genre due to the female leads and business-owning sorta-entrepreneurial single mother lead character. Compare "Gilmore Girls" with "Grey's Anatomy" and you will see that in "Grey's Anatomy" the whole powerful-wimmin woman-strong feminism thing is really too on the nose and it is annoying if I remember correctly. With "Gilmore Girls" you will laugh sometimes, be sad at least once, and will find some of the stories to be interesting. I never really got into that show "Hannibal" (even after watching the entire TV show) but I did get "Gilmore Girls".

Also, last night I dreamt that Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore went next to a train station with two men. They went to a secluded sunny area near the train station. With the men behind them they simultaneously took their tops off and then presumably dropped their pants and panties. In the next scene in my dream they were both in the doggystyle position next to each other, with their asses facing the same direction. With each girl wearing a light shirt or a bra they were both getting fucked vaginally. Presumably they had their pants and panties under their knees/legs for comfort. At some point in this series of the scenes the girls might have been passionately kissing each other. Imagine that, while each of them has a cock inside them they are French kissing each other. The dream didn't make a lot of sense though because in the last scene they were on the floor of a train car which had fencing walls (as in you could sit in a seat and get a clear view of the passing scenery to your right with the wind in your hair) but no roof. The train car had other people in it who were sorta like "WTF?" Also, in the last scene, Lorelai was wearing her work clothing (clothes she wears at the inn that she works at) as a top even though she took her jacket off previously. While the dream didn't make a lot of sense it was still pretty cash to think about and gave me an erection. In the show Rory is a momma's girl, so devoid of common behavior it makes sense that she and her mother would have sex next to each other like wild girlfriends.

Lorelai is a sexy beautiful woman who has pretty eyes, though her personality might annoy me. Rory is a doll; she is cute, young, sexy, and beautiful, and she sorta seems to have her mother's eyes. While watching the first few seasons of "Gilmore Girls" I was think about how it would be great to have a sex robot which is almost perfectly of Rory's likeness. I would fuck it all the time. I also thought or fantasized about fuck teenage Rory while she is face/stomach down on her bed and completely nude. I never had sex as a teenager; I didn't really try, but I, as any other man, would still like to have sex with a teenager. Lorelai is a total MILF, but the the utter youthfulness in her appearance has been replaced by wrinkles or the features of a grown woman. Lorelai might be a great lay though, and that part in the show were she had sex with Christopher at the Independence Inn was quite romantic.


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I had that dream after watching that episode where the Gilmore girls became reunited after Rory moves out of Lane's place. I also previously saw this video on the Internet of people fucking on a bus that was striking, even if it was faked/staged. In the dream I think a man who might have been Luke was fucking Lorelai, and a young man (possibly Logan) was pounding Rory's pussy.

XD, wut?


Split into two parts - =
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What if Rory and Lorelai 69'd each other. That would be hot.

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> pounding Rory's pussy.

every time my eye glances over this I think it's about Rory Mercury until I read back

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INSTANT REVIEW: Inland Empire (2006) (4.5/5)

Perfect Blue for your hipster movie buff friend. A combination of bizarre soundscapes, filming techniques, set pieces, and overlaid narratives that rarely coalesces into something that can be made sense of, but still manages to feel incredibly satisfying. Some Lynch exposure may be required before viewing. I agree with >>117

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INSTANT REVIEW: The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021) (3/5)

More of an action film than a horror film. Based (on a true story).

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INSTANT REVIEW: Dune: Part 1 (2021) (4/5)

The Baron wasn't very evil and they paraphrased some of the iconic quotes but the thopters were actually cool & hearing The Voice in theatre was awesome.

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INSTANT REVIEW: The End of Evangelion (1997) (4/5)

They were showing this at my local theatre for some reason, no Japanese dub but everyone clapped and cheered when Shinji cummed.

511 Name: Couch Potato : 2022-02-03 09:54 ID:9Bl6+Y2n


>everyone clapped and cheered when Shinji cummed.

Fake and gay (literally).

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INSTANT REVIEW: Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022) (4.5/5)

"An action-rich multiverse story about overcoming generational trauma and nihilism through the power of love", that's easy to not like if you can't relate or don't have enough patience for rapid random weird stuff to stick around for the payoff.

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