Why is English so inconsistent? (25)

22 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2011-12-12 23:01 ID:Va8OFJ7i


>But very difficult.

Good job, but one thing is wrong. You should say this:

>But it's very difficult.

It's is a contraction of the words it and is, so you could also say it like this:

>But it is very difficult.

English is a stupid language. It does not always follow it's own rules. But you will get it eventually. Keep working at it!

Now for people who had English as a first language, think of the word quick and the word buick. (Which is the name of a car.)
Now think of all the grammar rules of English, then think of how they are actually pronounced, and apply them to quick and buick.
Mad yet?
That always makes me mad.

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