Serious Master Seeking Serious Slave (64)

1 Name: Brutus : 2005-11-29 14:56 ID:3wrp+SHY

I am seeking a humble, submissive girl who is prepared to surrender her authority over herself and become a slave. My desire is to take you under my wing in ownership, that I may guide you, protect you, and help you through the hardships of life. In turn, you will belong to me, and will obey my every command, eagerly and without question.

I feel I should be clear that this is not a game, a roleplaying fantasy, a sexual fetish, or any other sort of light and frivolous diversion. If you are looking for an online simulation of a Master/slave relationship, you're reading the wrong ad. If you're looking for a quick sexual thrill, you're reading the wrong ad. This isn't make believe, and it is not about sex. This is about submission, concerning the voluntary relinquishing of your personal freedom and self-determination, and a request to be cared for and protected by another.

Of course, I do not expect you to give yourself to me so completely based solely on this post. Rather, I hope you will reply if you find what I describe here to be intriguing, and we can begin to correspond by e-mail and an instant messaging system such as AIM or Yahoo. We will get to know one another, and I will come to be a sort of guardian over you, listening to you when you are upset and protecting your confidences. You will learn that it is safe to trust me, and if at last you make the decision to submit, I will take you as my cherished slave, to be protected and cared for, for so long as you wish to be owned.

So, if you desire a protector to shield you from the stresses of life, or you wish - simply and finally - to surrender, consider contacting me at, and we will talk. Thank you for reading this post. I look forward to hearing from you.

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