Has my time finally come? (50)

48 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-03-21 00:55 ID:x93HASMp

She revealed something very interesting today, which explains her lack of desire to commit. She said she was very naive when she was 16 and dated a 20 year old who took advantage of her. Then she got into some trouble with some guy at the college she'll be going to, conflicts and such. And she stopped dating a 3 year old friend of hers. So I guess that leaves just me, but I think she doesn't want to commit because of her troubles in the past. She says I'm more naive than her, instead of the other way around, so she thinks its cool. It doesn't help I'm the same age as the one who hurt her in the past, I think she fears that but she has observed many times I'm not like most guys, in a hopefully good way. Thanks for the advice and input everyone. -電気男

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